5 Things That Doesn’t Affect Your Google Rank

(These things doesn’t affect your website’s Google rank)

This is probably the most talked about topic in the tech industry. There has been a constant discussion of things that don’t really affect your google rank. Some things may have an indirect impact.

But there are tons of things you feel you need to spend time on, that don’t actually matter. So saving your time and making life a little easy, here are 5 things that won’t affect your site ranking because Google just doesn’t care about them!

Your Website’s Age

It is one of the most debated topics of all times. Does the age of your website really matter? Well, it doesn’t. What matters is the degree to which your content actually helps people and that you have links and authority signals and so on.

If your site was registered in 1999, 2008, or 2017, it makes no difference.

Usage of Google Apps

It is a myth when people say using google apps and services will help you rank better. That’s not true. Google doesn’t really care if you’re using them or not. This also means that whatever you do within those services, like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Analytics is kept separate from Google’s search engine.

You can use your Google email to buy all the bot followers you want- Google won’t know.

Social Media Counts

These days, it is a good thing that many businesses have social media count on their websites. It makes their customers to follow them on social media platforms without any hassle.

Number of followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and so on; doesn’t affect your website’s rank. In fact google isn’t even looking at that or using it.

Foundation Tech

Don’t worry about the foundation tech of your website. It doesn’t really matter what programs or technology you’ve used to build your site. As long as google is easily able to crawl through your website and read the unique content there, they don’t care what tech you’re using.

For them, it’s about what’s transmitted, not how it’s transmitted. Hence, feel free to build your masterpiece.

Separator Character in Title Element

We all are similar with the page title element that sits on the header of the document. Normally the brand name comes first then a separator character and later some words and phrases after it. It won’t matter even it you reserve the order.

So the next time you start worrying about little things of your website, just stop! You're probably worrying about aspects that don't really matter. Your SEO agency will let you know when you've to start worrying.